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Ben Ysursa

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Ben Ysursa
Secretary of State
Chief Election Officer for the State of Idaho

Press Release - October 21, 2014 - Secretary of State Ben Ysursa Announces a Polling Place Locator Application for Smart Phones.
The PEW Voter Information Project has created polling place locator apps for your smartphone. iOS or Android

Press Release - October 3, 2014 - Idaho Voters' Pamphlet Delivered Statewide This Week

Secretary of State Ben Ysursa urges all Idaho residents to watch for the 2014 Idaho Voters' Pamphlet in their mail. The Idaho Votersí Pamphlet contains information concerning constitutional amendment H.J.R. 2 that will appear on the November 4, 2014 General Election ballot. Important information is included regarding registration, absentee ballots, and contact information for your county clerk. This pamphlet is also available online: Idaho Voters' Pamphlet [PDF] and Audio Version Idaho Voters' Pamphlet [MP3]

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