Office of the Secretary of State of Idaho

On the Ballot in 2016 for Voters

For all elections, contact your County Clerk for dates, times and locations of In-Person Absentee Voting or Early Voting.

August 30th Elections

If ordered, School District Bond or Levy elections. Recall elections.

November 8th General Election

If ordered, Taxing District Bond or Levy elections. Recall elections. Special Questions.

Successful candidates from the party primary elections and independent candidates will appear on the General Election Ballot.

Note: Party registration requirements have no effect on the General Election procedures. At the General Election, all voters receive exactly the same ballot and may vote for any candidate whose name appears on it, without regard to the political party affiliation of the candidate or the voter.

Scheduled elections:

Federal, Statewide, Legislative and Judicial Offices:

County Offices:

Initiative and Constitutional Amendments

Special District Candidate Elections:

Other offices and issues, if any, will vary by County. Contact your County Clerk for more specific information